Author: Margaret Nelson

Smoking Cost: Physical, Financial and Social

Smoking cigarettes and vaping can cost a lot financially as well as to your health. The societal problem of smoking-related diseases is boundless, resulting in an expensive cost of life and health insurance. Acc to Industry leaders vaping or smoking cigarettes is harmful to you and your family and loved ones as well since you are emitting toxic chemicals that can threaten their wellness and health. This article will further discuss the physical, social and financial costs of smoking to society.

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Industries That Thrive During Recessions

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the US economy is set to face another recession. Like what happened back in 2008, the Great Recession has taught industries several lessons. Based on the data from the last recession, some industries have thrived while some have experienced the worst impact of the economic recession.
Since every industry is different from one another, some will be stable even during a recession because it depends on the varying consumer behavior in that particular period. Are you wondering what kind of industries will survive an economic downturn? Here’s a list of thriving industries:
1. Discount …

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Which Industries Have the Highest Inventory Turnover?

Inventory turnover can determine whether a business is performing well or worse. To further define it, it is the rate of how fast a company buys and sells its products to its customers. It indicates an unfavorable scenario when a business has a low inventory turnover. It might mean that it has poor management that is prone to making unsound decisions, unsatisfactory sales approach of the Sales people, or having too many obsolete goods in the inventory list.
Based on recent statistics, here are the industries with the highest inventory turnover:


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Understanding Vertical Market

Companies having a specific niche are considered to be a part of a vertical market. These companies provide specialized services for a specific market only. However, higher profits can still be expected since a narrower target market can result in producing marketing campaigns that are right on point and directed to the identified market. On the other hand, you call a market that targets multiple industries horizontal markets.
Why Choose a Vertical Market?
Though this market is intended for specific people only, several advantages can be highlighted:

As companies under this market target a …

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