Smoking Cost: Physical, Financial and Social

Smoking Cost

Smoking Cost: Physical, Financial and Social

Smoking cigarettes and vaping can cost a lot financially as well as to your health. The societal problem of smoking-related diseases is boundless, resulting in an expensive cost of life and health insurance. Acc to Industry leaders vaping or smoking cigarettes is harmful to you and your family and loved ones as well since you are emitting toxic chemicals that can threaten their wellness and health. This article will further discuss the physical, social and financial costs of smoking to society.

Financial Costs

Financial Costs

Cigarette smoking is costly, and financial issues can be a reason for some to quit. If you need the motivation to stop smoking, try to contemplate the amount of money burning every time you smoke. For instance, you consume a pack of cigarettes worth $7, so if you can consume two packs per day, it means you are spending a total amount of $400 each month. Hence, the amount you pay for cigarette pee month is already the equivalent of airfare, car payment, or a box seat. Thus, if you quit smoking, your money will go straight into your savings.

Furthermore, smokers are also charged much higher expenses as per policies of life and health insurance. Smokers are candidates under the higher risk category for health and life insurance due to higher chances of acquiring severe chronic diseases and increased long-term medical costs.

Social And Physical Costs

Apart from financial issues, smoking can pose health risks to your health, other people’s health, and society’s health. It is your health that is at stake and the health of the people surrounding you. That is why secondhand smoke (SHS) is a severe health problem in a community, as it affects everyone exposed to smoking. Thus, it can be your colleagues, family, or anyone in your community.

The majority may think that secondhand smoke can’t be dangerous compared to direct smokers, but this is a misconception; the truth is secondhand smoke can be as severe as direct smoking. To give you an insight, secondhand smoke is consist of two different kinds of cigarette smoke, and these are as follows:


It is a type of smoke where the cigarette smoke is from the end of lit. This smoke has more carcinogens (higher cancerous causing chemicals) than mainstream smoke. It is also much smaller, so this harmful agent can quickly enter your lungs in no time.

Moreover, 85% of secondhand smoke in a smoking room is classified as side-stream smoke inhaled by non-smokers.


A smoke directly inhaled by a smoker.

According to health agencies, secondhand smoke is a human carcinogen. It has been associated with lung cancer and other cancers like leukemia, pharynx, larynx, bladder, rectum, breast, and stomach. SHS is also responsible for increased deaths and illnesses each year.

In the United States, there are recorded 46,000 deaths of non-smokers due to heart problems. Around 3,400 deaths were caused by lung cancer for adults who did not smoke. Approximately a million children have also developed asthma, and 300,000 lung infection cases among children have been recorded due to SHS. When it comes to the cost of medical care, SHS has reached $10 billion because of deaths and related diseases.


Indeed, cigarette smoking and vaping are expensive habits. It makes your lifestyle costly when you smoke, but more importantly, smoking is detrimental to one’s health and causes a severe threat to society.

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